2016 Camaro SS automatic hits the drag strip

2016 Camaro SS automatic hits the drag strip
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Watch a 2016 Camaro SS lay down some some good baseline figures.

This is a 455-horsepower SS equipped with the eight-speed automatic. You know it’s going to be fast, but how fast is the question.

It put down two quarter-mile figures: a 12.73-second and a 12.55-second time, both at around 112mph. The outgoing Camaro’s best figure, according to Car and Driver, was 12.9 seconds at 111mph with an SS 1LE.

And this isn’t with a limited-edition or option package, either.

With a better launch, says Road Test TV, the Camaro can hit the low 12-second mark. We’ll look forward to seeing that.





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